Clientexec Billing & Support Software


Customer management, support and billing all wrapped into one powerful intuitive package

The NEWEDGE ClientExec software package enables businesses to easily and effectively manage their online business. With the power of services, plugins and modules, most of your companies every day tasks are performed without manual intervention.

Manage from Anywhere
No need to wait until you get to your office to create estimates, invoice your customers or respond to support tickets. Work from home or on the road. Working on-line, you will gain the freedom to operate your business in a way that works for you.

ClientExec frees you to grow your business, by providing an easy way to setup your offerings and automate the daily tasks associated with administering your company. With the many settings found in our applications, cleverly organized to avoid a bloated feel, you can customize just about all aspects of what makes your business unique.

Billing Module
Whether you're creating an estimate, invoicing for your work, or creating a recurring fee, ClientExec tracks all the related information. The invoice manager allows merging of billable items, accepts major credit cards, archives invoices, and even annotates what check numbers were used to pay invoices.

Manage and Share Files
Your business runs on many sources of information - documents, spreadsheets, presentations, software, and more. Access to this information might be crucial to customers based on user groups or to specific individuals. ClientExec makes it easy to keep your files organized and easily accessible via robust permissions.

Flexibility and Muscle
Just by extending abstract classes and declaring your actions and views in a configuration file, even your team can create their very own tightly integrated ClientExec modules. Need additional reports, maybe plug-ins for registrars not included in ClientExec? You can develop these yourself, or better yet, many developers are creating additional expandable modules, snap-ins, for the community to use, visit [external link] to view additional ways to expand your ClientExec installation.
Complete Help Desk
Have your staff manage support tickets painlessly and quickly. Prevent emails and support issues from getting lost. ClientExec's email management system helps you route, track and deliver messages.

Customer Repository
ClientExec gives your entire company a complete view of each of your customers, enabling you to collect the custom information you require of every account and contact. The account manager facilitates collaboration between your staff members, builds and maintains strong, lasting customer relationships and much more.

Intuitive Interface
ClientExec provides a separate interface for both your customers and staff members. The intuitive and user friendly client interface allows your customers to log into the member area and receive either support or quickly perform various billing and profile functions. While in the member area, your clients may view announcements, update profile, download files available to them, or just view payment history.

Insightful Reports
Over 10 open sourced reports instantly give you a complete picture of your business. With just a few clicks of the mouse, everything is at your fingertips - monthly revenue reports, income growth, upcoming transactions, support reviews, customer balances, and more.

No two companies are exactly alike. Think about everything that's unique about your products and organization. That is why ClientExec provides open language files, snap-ins, powerful plug-ins, CSS and template files for UI customization. All to help you experience as unique an experience as your company is.


If you are unsure or have never installed a script then we offer a script installation service for a $10.00 one time fee. If you require this service please submit a support ticket and one of our support technicians will contact you within 2hrs to arrange your installation.

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