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Managed Dedicated Servers from HostMyDomainNow

We offer Enterprise Fully Managed Dedicated Servers that are pro actively monitored 24/7/365. A Dedicated Server is a single web server within a network dedicated solely to one customer. Large businesses and those with critical or intensive hosting needs, such as large forums with thousands of members, gaming sites, and ecommerce sites benefit from using Dedicated Servers.

HostMyDomainNow provides a variety of Intel® powered Dell Dedicated Servers, all Fully Managed saving you time and money managing your Dedicated Server. All Dedicated Servers are located with the CARO Datacenter in Charlotte, North Carolina USA on a network which is designed to be fully redundant and self healing from top to bottom.

Why a managed server?

Why a managed server?A Managed server is a dedicated server that is actively managed by HostMyDomainNow. A managed Dedicated Server Solution is the the right choice for any website that has outgrown shared hosting, requires dedicated resources, requires customized software installed or runs processor intensive scripts. If you also require the added security that you will be the only one accessing the server this is the ideal solution. Although you have full root access, HostMyDomainNow will take care of the setup, software & security installations, security monitoring, backups, and technical support that is needed to help you focus on growing your business. It eliminates the headaches and support costs associated with having to run your own dedicated server.

Introducing Secure24™ Exclusively from HostMyDomainNow

Introducing Secure24™ Exclusively from HostMyDomainNowSecure24™ from HostMyDomainNow is our new exclusive service which has been designed to save you time, resources and headaches. Completely FREE with all Dedicated Servers this exclusive service provides various additional modifications and tweaks to the default Operating System and any Control Panel installation enhancing the stability, security, performance, and compatibility of your server and softwares. Once complete your new Dedicated Server is secured, enhanced and ready to run, leaving you with the peace of mind that you can only get with Secure24™

45 Minute Support Response SLA

45 Minute Support Response SLAHostMyDomainNow guarantees its customers will be provided with live technical support twenty-four (24) hours per day every day of the year. All clients with a managed service level are covered by our forty-five minute initial response time guarantee for Level 1 support. This guarantee covers all requests that are submitted through a support ticket to our Level 1 support department via our Customer Support Center. Full Terms & Conditions Here

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