Pre-Installed Hosting Plans

Pre Installed Plans only $2.99 per month!

Our pre installed hosting plans have been created with simplicity in mind. All you need to do is select which script you want to use complete your order and we will install the script for you leaving you to run your website. What if you change your mind? not a problem just submit a support ticket and our team will install a different script for you up to 3 times, after that there will be a small charge of $5.00 per install.

Pre Installed Blogs



Pre Installed Wordpress Hosting WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
Pre Installed b2evolution Hosting b2evolution is an advanced weblog tool, i-e software allowing you to run your own blogs, newsfeeds or even photo stream.



Pre Installed LifeType Hosting LifeType supports multiple blogs and users, media management, generation of standard content, clean URLs and support for subdomains.
Pre Installed Serendipity Hosting Serendipity is a PHP-powered weblog application which gives the user an easy way to maintain an online diary, weblog or even a complete homepage.



Pre Installed Pixie Hosting Pixie is a free, open source web application that will help quickly create your own website.
Pre Installed Dotclear Hosting Dotclear's purpose is to provide a user-friendly tool allowing anyone to Dotclear Dotclear publish on the web, regardless of their technical skills.

Pre Installed Portals/CMS



Pre Installed Joomla Hosting Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications.
Pre Installed Zikula Hosting Zikula is a Web Application Toolkit, which allows you to run impressive websites and build powerful online applications.



Pre Installed Drupal Hosting Drupal is an open-source platform and content management system for building dynamic web sites offering a broad range of features.
Pre Installed Mambo Hosting Mambo is a full-featured, award-winning content management system that can be used for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications.



Pre Installed TYPO3 Hosting TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for enterprise purposes on the web and in intranets.
Pre Installed MODx Hosting MODx helps you take control of your online content. An Open Source PHP application framework, it frees you to build sites exactly how you want and make them 100% yours.



Pre Installed XOOPS Hosting Xoops is an easy to use dynamic web content management system written in PHP. XOOPS is an acronym of eXtensible Object Oriented Portal System.
Pre Installed e107 Hosting e107 is a content management system written in PHP and using the popular open source MySQL database system for content storage.

Pre Installed Forums


Simple Machines Forum

Pre Installed phpBB Hosting phpBB is used by millions of people on a daily basis, making it the most widely used opensource bulletin board system in the world.
Pre Installed Simple Machines Forum Hosting SMF in short is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes.



Pre Installed MyBB Hosting MyBB is a free bulletin board system software package developed by the MyBB Group. A lot of thought has gone into the MyBB interface to make it easy to use.
Pre Installed Phorum Hosting Phorum is designed to meet different needs of different web sites while not sacrificing performance or features.

Pre Installed E-Commerce Software



Pre Installed Prestashop Hosting PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution was built to take advantage of essential Web 2.0 innovations such as dynamic AJAX-powered features and next-generation ergonomy.
Pre Installed OpenCart Hosting OpenCart is an open source PHP-based online shopping cart system. A robust e-commerce solution for Internet merchants.



Pre Installed osCommerce Hosting osCommerceosCommerce is an online shop e-commerce solution that offers a wide range of out-of-the-box features that allows online stores to be setup fairly quickly with ease.
Pre Installed Magento Hosting Magento is an Open Source ecommerce web application launched on March 31, 2008. It was created by Varien, building on components of the Zend Framework.

Zen Cart

Pre Installed Zen Cart Hosting Zen Cart truly is the art of e-commerce; free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software.

Pre Installed Educational Software



Pre Installed Moodle Hosting Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
Pre Installed TCExam Hosting TCExam is a FLOSS system for electronic exams (also know as CBA - Computer-Based Assessment, CBT - Computer-Based Testing or e-exam).

Pre Installed Image Galleries



Pre Installed Coppermine Hosting Coppermine is a multi-purpose fully-featured and integrated web picture gallery script written in PHP using GD or ImageMagick as image library with a MySQL backend.
Pre Installed TinyWebGallery Hosting TinyWebGallery is a free php based photo album / gallery that is very easy to install, extremely user friendly, and does not need a database.



Pre Installed Gallery Hosting Gallery is an open source web based photo album organizer. Serving millions worldwide, the Gallery project is the most widely used system of its kind.
Pre Installed Pixelpost Hosting Pixelpost, a small photoblog application that's a no-brainer to set up and use. It's perfect for anyone wishing to regularly post their photos on the web like a blog.


Pre Installed 4images Hosting 4imagesis as a web based PHP and MySQL for displaying images on the Internet. 4images can be configured through an administration area.

Pre Installed Wikis



Pre Installed MediaWiki Hosting MediaWiki is a free software wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now used by several other projects.
Pre Installed DokuWiki Hosting DokuWiki is a standards compliant, simple to use Wiki, mainly aimed at creating documentation of any kind.



Pre Installed PhpWiki Hosting PhpWikiis a WikiWikiWeb. A WikiWikiWeb is a web site where anyone can edit the pages through an HTML form.
Pre Installed TikiWiki Hosting TikiWiki is a CMS/Groupware which offers a large number of features "out-of-the-box" arguably more than any other Open Source Web Application.
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