Banned Scripts

Banned Scripts

This policy applies to all shared hosting and reseller customers.

The purpose of this Banned Scripts Policy is to help keep our shared servers running smoothly and reliably for everyone. Unfortunately some commonly used scripts are frequently exploited to allow unauthorized access to the systems they are running on. Others just require more resources than is allocated on a shared server environment.

If at any time we find scripts listed below that can become easily compromised or impact other users by using too many server resources, we will disable or delete these scripts and send you an email notifying you of our actions. Whenever possible, we will notify you in advance. We will also attempt to keep this page updated with current scripts which will require removal from our shared servers and/or our network.

The following scripts are banned because they have been documented to easily cause harm to other sites on the same server, use excessive server resources, or contain major security flaws:

Banned scripts:

The following scripts can be exploited by spammers:

The following scripts easily and frequently cause resource (ab)use problems:

The following activities often cause a server to be the target of DOS attacks, are resource intensive and/or are used in conjunction with illicit activities:

The following scripts are used for the purpose of spamming or sending Unsolicited Commercial E-Maill, and are not allowed for that reason:

Additionally, the following are also not allowed on our servers:

If you are worried about a script you intend to use, please submit a support ticket in the Customer Support Center with as much detail on how the script functions and anything else you feel we should know about the script. Please do not ask us if "Script X" is ok without providing any information on the script. There are thousands if not millions of scripts available and there are only a few of those we may be familiar with.