The Hosting Tool

The Hosting Tool

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TheHostingTool was launched on the 3rd of December 2008 aiming to provide the next generation in free, hosting applications. It provides you, the webhost, near complete automation on everything you want it to do. So that means, signup, monthly posts checking, suspension, and termination. While it does that, it provides client features, like the client control panel that gives the clients the power to manage their account. In addition, they can check their monthly forum posts, edit their details, and check announcements. TheHostingTool also has relatively frequent updates and great support from a growing community.

Main Features


If you are unsure or have never installed a script then we offer a script installation service for a $10.00 one time fee. If you require this service please submit a support ticket and one of our support technicians will contact you within 2hrs to arrange your installation.

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